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The Mediterranean Symposium on Ecology and Conservation of Marine and Coastal Bird Species is a key platform for the exchange of knowledge and collaboration on bird conservation in the Mediterranean. Whether in its first or second edition, held in 2005 and 2015 respectively, the symposium has served as a catalyst for initiatives aimed at strengthening bird protection at both the regional and national levels. With its third edition, the symposium aims to continue playing this catalysing role.

Objectives of the 3rd Edition :

  • Knowledge Sharing: Provide a platform for researchers and ornithology experts to share their latest findings, experiences, and exchange ideas.
  • Addressing Challenges: Discuss current issues, challenges, and the state of knowledge regarding threats to marine and coastal bird populations.
  • Conservation Initiatives: Explore Mediterranean strategies, action plans and projects to mitigate these threats, ensuring a sustainable future for bird species.
  • Research Gaps: Identify research gaps and areas for future study, enhancing our understanding of the ecology and conservation of marine and coastal birds.
  • Networking and Collaboration: Create opportunities for networking and building partnerships to facilitate the development and implementation of effective conservation strategies.

Themes covered by the symposium:

The 3rd edition of the bird symposium, supported by the French Voluntary Contribution, will address the following themes, to be covered during oral and poster sessions:
1 • The Audouin’s Gull and its International Single Species Action Plan:
Delve into the new action plan the conservation of the Audouin’s Gull, and discuss its implementation at regional level.
2 • Conservation of Coastal Birds in the Mediterranean:
Explore the priority actions for coastal bird conservation in the Mediterranean.
3 • Conservation of Mediterranean Seabirds Offshore:
A focused exploration of marine protected area research and policy to improve our understanding of the offshore environments critical to seabird conservation.
4 • Demography of Mediterranean Marine and Coastal Birds:
Investigate the complex web of factors influencing reproductive success and survival rates, including issues such as bycatch, avian flu, and other drivers affecting demography.
5 • Monitoring and Assessment Across the Mediterranean:
Delve into international approaches, including the latest MED QSR 23, IMAP, EcAp, MSFD, and IWC, shedding light on the methodologies and frameworks that drive the monitoring and assessment of marine and coastal birds.

Who should attend?

  • Marine bird researchers and conservation professionals.
  • Students interested in research and conservation of marine birds.
  • Local, regional and national authority representatives and stakeholders, having an interest in marine birds and potential opportunities for future cooperation.
  • Current and future marine bird non-professionals and volunteers.
  • Environmentalist and environmental organizations active in the field of marine conservation.

Join us :

This symposium invites you to be an integral part of these crucial discussions. Whether you bring expertise in marine bird research, conservation practices, or you simply share your passion for the preservation of the Mediterranean bird species, your presence is important. Join us in Djerba, Tunisia, and contribute to a dynamic exchange of ideas that will shape the future of marine and coastal bird conservation in the Mediterranean.
Together, we can create lasting impacts and foster a sustainable future for these invaluable species.